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Uspect II  

System: small animal SPECT/CT

Manufacturer: MILabs

Specs: up to 0.35 mm spatial and sub-minute temporal resolution / gated and listmode acquisitions of organs or whole body / high sensitivity: 75 pinholes / collimators: mouse (0.35 and 0.6mm) rat (1mm) dedicated rat brain collimator (0.6mm)


FLEX Triumph II


System: small animal PET/SPECT/CT

Manufacturer: Gamma Medica (distributed by GE)

Specs: can combine up to three different imaging modalities (PET, SPECT, CT) in a single platform:

SPECT: 4 CZT cameras /12.7x12.7 cm² FOV / variable ROR / static and dynamic acquisitions / single and multi-pinhole collimators
CT: variable focal spot size: 20-150 µm / continuous & spiral acquisitions / 2-5 min scan time
PET: 1.3 mm spatial resolution / LYSO and LGSO crystals / APD readout / 7.5 cm axial FOV / gated, static and dynamic acquistions


Bruker BioSpin PharmaScan® 70/16

Bruker BioSpin PharmaScan  

System: 7 Tesla small animal MRI

Manufacturer: Bruker BioSpin

Specs: up to 50 µm structural resolution for excellent soft-tissue contras


- rat head / mouse whole body Tx/Rx volume coil (40 mm ID)
- rat whole body Tx/Rx volume coil (72 mm ID)
- rat brain surface coil (Rx only)
- mini flex loop coil (2 cm, Rx only)


Xstrahl SARRP

Xstrahl SARRP  

System: small animal radiation research platform (SARRP)

Manufacturer: Xstrahl

Specs: a nozzle-shaped collimator with interchangeable inserts providing circular radiation field sizes of approximately 0.5 and 1 mm in diameter and rectangular fields of 3 x 3, 5 x 5 and 3 x 9 mm for high-precision, small-field, conformal irradiations


VEVO 2100

Vevo 2100  

System: small animal ultrasound

Manufacturer: VISUALSONICS

Specs: 30 µm resolution, up to 1000 fps


IVIS Lumina II

IVIS Lumina II  

System: Optical Imaging

Manufacturer: PerkinElmer

Specs: The IVIS Lumina II is capable of imaging both fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters. The system is equipped with up to 21 filter sets that can be used to image reporters that emit from green to near-infrared. An adjustable field of view from 5 – 12.5 cm allows imaging of up to 5 mice or 2 medium size rats. The Lumina II can also accommodate Petri dishes or micro-titer plates for in vitro imaging. The system includes animal handling features such as a heated stage, gas anesthesia connections and ECG monitoring.


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