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Research output Infinity

Apart from multimodality systems using fixated beds to place the animal first in one and then in the other device, fully integrated systems are being developed which allow truly simultaneous imaging. Such a complete integration requires however significant hardware changes in electronics and detector technology. Besides the complexity in hardware there is also the necessity for integration of acquisition methods and the development of new reconstruction and processing tools for multimodality data.

During the last years the MEDISIP research group has focused on the development, improvement and innovative use of hybrid imaging modalities. The research can be divided into four major subgroups. Two of those groups are more oriented towards engineering and focus on the development of novel technologies for multimodality imaging. One of them focuses on PET-MRI and the second on SPECT system design.

The two other subgroups (Infinity lab and neuroscience group) are more application oriented. The Infinity research group is combining different techniques for small animal imaging and runs a central core facility providing small animal imaging services to other groups. The former EEG research group is being reorganized into a research group focused on multimodal imaging techniques for neurosciences. The close collaboration of engineering and application groups is a major benefit for the researchers in the subgroups. Recent research of the first three subgroups will be described in the following paragraphs.

1. Strategic Spearheads of Research: Multidisciplinary Research Platforms (MRP)

2. Output generated in Infinity in terms of publications and patents

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