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Infinity is the preclinical imaging research facility of Ghent University, providing multimodality-imaging services to national and international customers. It is a consortium of two major research groups: Medisip and the Laboratory for Radiopharmacy.
A skilled and experienced scientific staff is running Infinity. Professors Christian Vanhove, Stefaan Vandenberghe, Filip De Vos and Roel Van Holen work together to streamline the research at Infinity. Additionally, professor Christian Vanhove is also responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the lab and the coordination of the partner research, either from within Ghent University, from private companies or from other universities.
The major research domains of Infinity are neuromodulation (deep brain stimulation and trans-cranial magnetic stimulation), the use of imaging biomarkers to provide better tumor characterization, stress of the endoplasmatic reticulum (ER stress), cardiovascular research to get a better understanding of the formation of aneurysms and plaque, and the development of 'theranostic' approaches by combining diagnosis and therapy.


INnovative Flemish IN-vivo Imaging TechnologY 
prof. dr. Christian Vanhove 


prof. dr. Stefaan Vandenberghe & prof. dr. Roel Van Holen


prof. dr. Filip De Vos 

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